How Do ADA Requirements Affect Your Signage?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affects a myriad of architectural elements, but few people realize how heavily it impacts signs and wayfinding. Signage plays a crucial role in how people navigate a space, so it is understandable that the ADA strives to make these messages as clear as possible to all visitors. While everyone has seen signs with Braille, there are many many more elements to a sign that are regulated by the ADA. Everything from the height of the letters to the height at which the sign is mounted is dictated by ADA requirements, and familiarizing oneself with these requirements before beginning a large signage package can spare a lot of headache throughout the project's progression.

Here at Star Signs, we are well versed in ADA requirements. We have created a simple one-page document summing up a few of the main requirements of ADA compliant signs, and have made that available for download here.

While this guide is a great cheat-sheet to print out and keep on-hand when designing and installing signs, it is by no means the end-all, be-all of ADA signage requirements. For the full guide to ADA signage requirements, visit the Department of Justice website to download the 2010 Standards for accessible design.


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